Large-Scale Energy Storage

Large-scale energy storage projects are fast-starting, quick-ramping, high-capacity resources that can help balance peak loads and enhance clean-energy resources’ ability to meet the needs of the electric grid. Strategic bulk-storage investments will allow us to park surplus renewable energy for times of low supply, and provide flexibility to the grid without burning fossil fuels. CEERT vigorously advocates for large-scale storage at the CAISO and in CPUC procurement rulemakings.

Recent Developments:

In our comments on the CPUC’s Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) decision, CEERT expressed our disappointment that the IRP did not address procurement of large-scale storage as part of GHG reduction and reducing dependence on natural gas for local and flexible capacity requirements. We continue to believe that California needs to develop a procurement mechanism to ensure that the customer and system benefits of bulk energy storage are captured in future low-carbon infrastructure investments, but we think that new legislative direction and creative new ways to accomplish such procurement will be needed.