Large-Scale Energy Storage

Large-scale energy storage projects are fast-starting, quick-ramping, high-capacity resources that can help balance peak loads and enhance clean-energy resources’ ability to meet the needs of the electric grid. Strategic bulk-storage investments will allow us to park surplus renewable energy for times of low supply, and provide flexibility to the grid without burning fossil fuels. CEERT vigorously advocates for large-scale storage at the CAISO and in CPUC procurement rulemakings.

Recent Developments:

CEERT continues to explore avenues for the procurement of large-scale energy storage, including pumped hydro projects. V. John White has had numerous discussions with potential developers, and with representatives of organized labor. Tom Dalzell of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 1245 (PG&E and Northern Nevada), who is highly influential in the California labor community, is very supportive of new pumped hydro. John has begun working with a new group of large-scale storage advocates, including the sponsors of the Eagle Crest project in Riverside County, to help build public and stakeholder backing for large-scale storage.

CEERT has also met with the California Water Foundation on the idea of collaborating with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), State Water Contractors, and environmental non-governmental organizations to study the DWR system and its infrastructure, and identify barriers to the greater utilization of the State Water Project to expand clean energy and better integrate its system with California’s future low-carbon grid.