Large-Scale Energy Storage

Large-scale energy storage projects are fast-starting, quick-ramping, high-capacity resources that can help balance peak loads and enhance clean-energy resources’ ability to meet the needs of the electric grid. Strategic bulk-storage investments will allow us to park surplus renewable energy for times of low supply, and provide flexibility to the grid without burning fossil fuels. CEERT vigorously advocates for large-scale storage at the CAISO and in CPUC procurement rulemakings.

Recent Developments:

V. John White attended the recent climate and energy conference of the Association of California Water Agencies and discussed the opportunities for better integrating California’s water and energy infrastructure through demand response and utilization of hydro facilities to provide long-duration energy storage. John also spoke about the need for and value to California’s low-carbon grid of building new pumped-hydro facilities. Discussions have continued with large-scale storage proponents about how new projects might be funded by means of joint utility ownership or through long-term contracts with CAISO.