Southern California Activities

CEERT continues our long-time work to reduce Southern California’s dependence on fossil-fueled power and increase its reliance on clean energy resources. In addition to our regulatory advocacy to promote renewable energy and the building of a low-carbon grid for the region, we are particularly focusing on Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley.

Recent Developments:

Jim Caldwell has been appointed to the Community/Stakeholder Advisory Committee to advise the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power on the 100% Clean Energy Study that the Department has initiated. LADWP has contracted with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory team that CEERT worked with on the 2030 Low Carbon Grid Study.

V. John White and Jim Caldwell met with Colin Cushnee and other senior officials of Southern California Edison to present options and alternatives to the Puente power plant that Jim developed on behalf of the City of Oxnard. We also met with Marcie Edwards, recently retired General Manager of LADWP, to discuss LADWP’s decision to delay repowering in-basin gas plants, ways to encourage greater cooperation and planning between LADWP and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), and key issues like cost allocation that need to be addressed.