Southern California Activities

CEERT continues our long-time work to reduce Southern California’s dependence on fossil-fueled power and increase its reliance on clean energy resources. In addition to our regulatory advocacy to promote renewable energy and the building of a low-carbon grid for the region, we are particularly focusing on Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley.

Recent Developments:

CEERT continued to work on removing barriers to transmission expansion and renewable procurement in the Salton Sea region, and held discussions with Kevin Kelly of the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), consultants working with the Walton Foundation on restoration of the Salton Sea, and geothermal developers seeking to generate new projects incorporating minerals extraction and desalination. We also met with CAISO management to discuss conflicts and disagreements with IID over the allocation of deliverability and its impact on resource adequacy.

CEERT met with leaders of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to discuss the Energy Imbalance Market, large-scale storage, and barriers to geothermal procurement in the Imperial Valley.