Southern California Activities

CEERT continues our long-time work to reduce Southern California’s dependence on fossil-fueled power and increase its reliance on clean energy resources. In addition to our regulatory advocacy to promote renewable energy and the building of a low-carbon grid for the region, we are particularly focusing on Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley.

Recent Developments:

Jim Caldwell attended the advisory committee meeting for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s new 100% clean energy/IRP study, and met with senior LADWP staff on low-carbon grid planning. V. John White and Don Furman of Fix the Grid met with Louis Ting to discuss regional grid issues, including expansion of the Energy Imbalance Market’s day-ahead market, scheduling of hydro resources, and governance and transparency issues on regional grid expansion.

John met with Dave Olsen, member of the CAISO Board of Governors, to discuss potential areas of resolution to the ongoing litigation between CAISO and the Imperial Irrigation District over transmission access issues. John also met with Kevin Kelly, General Manager of the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), about progress resulting from the Governor’s Office support for 500 megawatts (MW) of new geothermal in Imperial as part of the State Water Resources Control Board’s 10-year plan for the Salton Sea.