David Olsen

Managing Director of Western Grid Group

David Olsen

Dave Olsen is Managing Director of Western Grid Group, a network of former state regulators working to advance clean energy policies. He is the former President/CEO of Patagonia, Inc., a leader in corporate sustainability initiatives and one of the first corporations to get its electricity from wind and solar power.

Until 2010, he led California’s Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative and organized collaborative planning for resource and transmission development. Earlier, he led development of wind, solar, hydro and geothermal power projects in more than 20 countries, as President of Clipper Windpower Development, President of Peak Power Corporation, President/CEO of Northern Power Systems, and Vice President of Magma Power Company.

In 2000, he led creation of the California Climate Action Registry, the first state registry of greenhouse gases and foundation for The Climate Registry that now includes 31 states.

You can reach him at: dave@daveolsen.net.