This year, CEERT has added energy affordability to our top goals. We are in the ongoing process of meeting with key parties to assess major hurdles and possible solutions standing in the way of affordability, including conversations with The Utility Reform Network (TURN), Conservation Strategy Group, and Clean Air Task Force. CEERT and CPC hope to form a coalition on the matter in the coming months and host regularly occurring roundtables to brainstorm and advocate for potential policy to be pushed in next year’s legislative session.

CEERT has been toying with the idea of an Infrastructure Authority, which could handle the siting and permitting, and/or the financial allocation, for large, necessary transmission projects within the state. Reducing dependence on costly private utility financing of transmission projects could be a key effort in reducing the cost of electricity. Alternative financing options include issuing state bonds, which would greatly reduce the interest rate put on ratepayers, and harnessing federal funds.