Southern California Activities

CEERT continues our long-time work to reduce Southern California’s dependence on fossil-fueled power and increase its reliance on clean energy resources. In addition to our regulatory advocacy to promote renewable energy and the building of a low-carbon grid for the region, we are particularly focusing on Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley.

Recent Developments:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

The orderly rollout of results from the LA 100% Clean Energy Study has been lengthened and made virtual by the pandemic response. Roughly half of the study’s modeling has been completed, analyzed, and communicated to the Advisory Committee, with the major topics of near-term no-regrets investments and transmission expansions yet to be discussed in detail. These will be the subjects of webinars in July.

The picture that is emerging is an approximately 50% larger electricity demand, with energy efficiency, demand response and customer-owned distributed resources as critical elements to hold down peak demand and improve system load factor for cost-effectiveness. In-Basin transmission reinforcements to allow significantly lower fossil generation are already underway. Transmission expansion to support increased imports, plus establishing connections to resources across the Western Electricity Coordinating Council territory, is the next topic for discussion.

The crux of the issue is how to go the “last mile” from roughly 90% zero-carbon to 100% zero-carbon, and how to define “100%” as the revamped electric grid supports decarbonization of transportation and buildings. The study is on track to be completed late this fall.