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As gas plants struggle, California seeks new flexible capacity strategies

June 27, 2017 | UtilityDIVE

With up to 6 GW of gas plants at risk of closure, energy planners are scrambling for new compensation techniques and zero-carbon alternatives.

Accelerating clean energy and climate goals in California have policymakers thinking in unprecedented ways about how to manage the state’s power system.

California’s utilities already face a 50% renewable energy mandate to hit by 2030, and now lawmakers are debating even more ambitious targets.

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Meet Jerry Brown, from 'Gov. Moonbeam' to climate beacon

June 26, 2017 | E&E News

CHENGDU, China — Jerry Brown was taking in the rare sight of pandas gamboling on wooden platforms and munching bamboo when the impatience inside him spilled out.

“They look a little lazy,” he said after observing politely. “They do a lot of sitting around, don’t they?”

Brown doesn’t have time to waste. Even here, at the Chengdu Panda Base, home to 176 of the 471 pandas held in captivity worldwide, he’s eager to intensify his pace.

On his trip to China earlier this month, the California Democratic governor sat through a series of interminable ceremonies with Chinese officials perched in wide, brocaded armchairs, teacups by their sides. He sought to pierce the formalities and instill a sense of urgency.

“I’ve been governor a long time,” he told Wang Dongming, the party secretary of Sichuan province. “I’m getting very impatient. I want to see things accomplished.”

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25th Anniversary

25 years of “Greening the Grid”

On May 4th, 2016, friends, family and guests gathered to commemorate the official 25th Anniversary celebration of the founding of CEERT. Read John Shahabian’s (Director of Operations) recap of this special event. GO ANNIVERSARY PAGE


a closer look

V. John White talks about planning for California’s renewable energy renaissance. Stimulus projects are beginning construction; they will bring jobs into California and help to jump start the economy of high-unemployment desert areas. CEERT is bringing people together to plan for natural conservation, renewables generation, and transmission for clean power.

Hal Harvey from Energy Innovation

Hal Harvey, CEO of Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC, recently visited a CEERT gathering. Here are some highlights recapping his very informative presentation to us.VIEW MORE videos »

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