Hal Harvey from Energy Innovation

Current Prospects for a Clean Energy Future

On May 21, 2014, as we do each year, CEERT hosted a reception to update our Northern California friends and supporters on the state of progress  toward greening the state’s power grid and meeting California’s exemplary targets for reducing global warming emissions.

We were hosted by Mary James, an authority on residential energy efficiency retrofitting, in her Marin County home which showcases state-of-the-art energy design, methods, and materials.  More information on her work, as well as her publications, can be found here.

Hal Harvey, the CEO of Energy Innovation and a seminal figure in clean energy policy formation both nationally and around the world, was our featured commentator.  Hal outlined California’s clean energy and climate leadership efforts and the key role CEERT plays in the policymaking ground game.  His cogent and concise overview of needed actions in Demand Response, regional grid integration, the strategic and limited role of fossil fuels, and the need for greater technical optimization of resources served as tutorial and roadmap for near and medium term objectives in California.

Hal and CEERT Executive Director V. John White both spoke and took questions from the group regarding CEERT’s plan for advancing renewable energy over the next 2-3 years, a critical timeline for decisions that will have long term impacts on California and the planet.  Hal’s full talk can be viewed by clicking below: