in memoriam

(People) near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
(excerpt: Dylan Thomas)

Here we honor the people who championed for policies that promote global warming solutions and increased reliance on clean, renewable energy sources. Our efforts have been greatly bolstered by theirs.


Bill Marcus Bill Marcus
– May 26, 2021
Marcus spent over 40 years as an economist for various organizations, including the California Energy Commission. He spent a portion of his time dealing with consumer rights when it comes to utilities.
(click here for Clean Power Champion video and article from his hometown paper.)
Richard Ferguson, PhD Richard Ferguson, PhD
– January 17, 2020
Dr. Richard Ferguson served as CEERT’s Research Director for more than ten years. During this time he oversaw CEERT sponsored research projects and developed technical and policy analyses for presentation to California energy regulatory agencies.
(click here to read a letter from CEERT’s Executive Director, V. John White)
Jackalyne Pfannenstiel Jackalyne Pfannenstiel
September 7, 1947 – April 26, 2017

Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, an energy expert who helped push California to embrace efficient practices while also inspiring other women who worked in the sector, died April 26. The former assistant secretary of the Navy and chairwoman of the California Energy Commission passed surrounded by family at her Piedmont home.(click here to read Obituary from Sacramento Bee)
Art Rosenfeld Art Rosenfeld
June 22, 1926 – January 27, 2017

Art Rosenfeld, a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) Distinguished Scientist Emeritus who is also known as California’s “godfather” of energy efficiency and who has been credited with being personally responsible for billions of dollars in energy savings.(click here to read complete tribute from Julie Chao)
Leon Billings Leon Billings
November 19, 1937 – November 15, 2016
Leon G. Billings, a former aide to Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-Maine) and a key author of the Clean Air Act and other landmark environmental laws, died Nov. 15 at a hospital in Nashville. He was 78.(click here for Leon Billings tribute page)
Jim Harding Jim Harding
1952 – November 14, 2016

“After about three years in state government, Harding returned to FOE and joined Amory Lovins to create the International Project on Soft Energy Paths, “soft” energy being Amory’s description of solar, wind, other renewables, and efficiency and conservation. They published an elegant journal called Soft Energy Notes, which became quite an influential fixture, and conducted research and sponsored conferences for about five years.” ~Tom Turner(click here to read Tom Turner’s complete tribute to Jim Harding)
Tom Hayden Tom Hayden
December 11, 1939 – October 23, 2016

Tom Hayden was an American social and political activist, author and politician, who was director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center in Los Angeles County, California.(click here for Tom’s Clean Power Champions Speech)
(click here for Clean Power Champions 2015 video featuring Tom Hayden)
(click here for SF Chronicle article – 2/23/17)
Rainer Aringhoff Rainer Aringhoff
Unknown – January 23, 2014
“The highest compliment I can pay Rainer as an energy professional is that he was a skilled integrator. That his vision was clear and principled, no one who knew him can doubt. As a project developer his ability to integrate political, economic and technical success factors was unparalleled.” ~Gerry Braun(click here for Rainer Aringhoff tribute page)
John Howard Zierold John Howard Zierold
May 9, 1925 – December 26, 2013
John Zierold didn’t seek credit for his good work, but it is certain that without him, many environmental laws would not exist, those laws that do exist would be weaker, and broad areas of the California landscape would not be protected.(click here for John Howard Zierold tribute page)