Advocacy at the California Energy Commission (CEC)

CEERT is actively taking part in the CEC’s Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR), which is focusing on transportation issues and on transmission, the impacts of land-use planning efforts, the use of environmental screens in energy procurement, and the expansion of renewable energy. We are also participating in the CEC-based interagency group working to implement SB 100’s goals of 100% zero-carbon energy for the state.

Recent Developments:

CEERT continues to take an active part in the CEC Interagency Working Group process and its hearings and workshops on transmission, reliability, and siting of transmission and generation. We have hosted several meetings with CEC Vice Chair Siva Gunda and his staff on resource planning and modeling methodologies, and we discussed contingency actions that could be taken if transmission or supply-chain problems impact the deliverability of clean energy needed between now and 2026.

These discussions helped lead to the development of the Governor’s May budget revisions, including $5 billion for procuring new reliability resources to prevent disruptions in grid reliability due to extreme heat storms, wildfires, and supply transmission constraints. CEERT has argued for including innovative demand response and load flexibility, and funding for supplemental clean-energy supplies, including fuel cells, distributed energy resources, behind-the-meter storage, geothermal, pumped hydro, and transmission upgrades and interconnections.