Advocacy at the California Energy Commission (CEC)

CEERT is actively taking part in the CEC’s Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR), which is focusing on transportation issues and on transmission, the impacts of land-use planning efforts, the use of environmental screens in energy procurement, and the expansion of renewable energy. We are also participating in the CEC-based interagency group working to implement SB 100’s goals of 100% zero-carbon energy for the state.

Recent Developments:

CEERT took part in workshops and discussions with CEC Vice Chair Siva Gunda and his senior advisor, Dr. Liz Gill, about the next version of the SB 100 report to the legislature, and about drafting clean energy resource and transmission buildout scenarios and priorities for investments in the Reliability Reserve.

We also provided briefings to CEC Chair David Hochschild and senior CEC staff on the CEERT/GridLab Transmission in California Report, and on the need for accelerating CEQA review and streamlined siting of new and expanded transmission lines.