Discussions with Government Officials

CEERT frequently meets with state and local administrative officials to discuss clean-energy and climate issues, such as permitting and siting for renewable generation projects and the advancement of new, clean, cutting-edge technologies.

Recent Developments:


Discussions with the Governor’s Office

We have been engaging in several conversations with former CEC Commissioner Karen Douglas following her appointment as Senior Energy Advisor to the Governor. Her focus is to manage and coordinate the clean energy buildout, including transmission upgrades and expansions, permitting and planning, and interagency coordination. She is working closely with Jonathan Weisgall, Assembly Member Eddie Garcia, and others in the Administration on fiscal and regulatory incentives for the development of new geothermal projects and implementation of lithium recovery demonstration projects, all as part of the upcoming May revision of the Governor’s budget.


Discussions with Local Government on Siting Clean Energy and Transmission Projects

We have been working with CEERT Board Member Cara Martinson and colleagues from the County Supervisors Association and the Rural Counties Association on the idea of a collaborative convening among local governments, environmental and community leaders, and renewable project developers to identify barriers and opportunities, including better understanding of statewide clean energy needs and the potential for expanding community benefits.