Discussions with Government Officials

CEERT frequently meets with state and local administrative officials to discuss clean-energy and climate issues, such as permitting and siting for renewable generation projects and the advancement of new, clean, cutting-edge technologies.

Recent Developments:


Discussions with the Governor’s Office

CEERT remains in close communication with former CEC Commissioner Karen Douglas, now Senior Energy Advisor to the Governor. Karen is focusing on the clean-energy buildout, transmission upgrades and expansions, permitting and planning, interagency coordination, and revised state budget allocations for new geothermal projects and lithium recovery demonstration projects.


The Governor’s Office and the California Energy Commission (CEC) Interagency SB 100 Process

V. John White engaged in several conversations with the Governor’s Office, principally with Karen Douglas, and with California Energy Commission (CEC) Vice Chair Siva Gunda, on ways to draft a transmission and clean-energy buildout plan as part of the development of the upcoming SB 100 report. CEERT worked with Karen on adding significant additional funding for clean-energy projects as part of the negotiations for extending the operation of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, and on the urgent need to overcome delays by both the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the investor-owned utilities on interconnections, transmission upgrades, and approval of new California Independent System Operator (CAISO)–recommended transmission projects.


Discussions with Local Government on Siting Clean Energy and Transmission Projects

V. John White participated in two virtual conferences with UC Riverside’s Solar Valley Consortium on barriers and obstacles to siting large-scale solar projects, focusing on San Bernardino and Riverside counties. He also took part in discussions with Erica Brand, who is leading the California Energy Commission’s land use and project siting team, about the need to provide local governments with additional resources to prepare for the upcoming buildout of large-scale renewable and storage projects.