Discussions with Government Officials

CEERT frequently meets with state and local administrative officials to discuss clean-energy and climate issues, such as permitting and siting for renewable generation projects and the advancement of new, clean, cutting-edge technologies.

Recent Developments:


Discussions with Local Government on Siting Clean Energy and Transmission Projects

V. John White participated in two virtual conferences with UC Riverside’s Solar Valley Consortium on barriers and obstacles to siting large-scale solar projects, focusing on San Bernardino and Riverside counties. He also took part in discussions with Erica Brand, who is leading the California Energy Commission’s land use and project siting team, about the need to provide local governments with additional resources to prepare for the upcoming buildout of large-scale renewable and storage projects.


Central Procurement Entity

We have been working with our affiliates and other stakeholders to develop a consensus response to the Governor’s budget proposal for authorizing the Department of Water Resources to act as a Central Procurement Entity for long-lead-time, high-value resources such as pumped hydro storage, offshore wind, and geothermal.